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The Game of Baseball

The scene: Two competing teams of nine players each.   For each the goal is to score runs by using a bat to hit a ball which is skillfully thrown by a player from the opposing team and to touch a series of four bases whcih are at the corners of a ninety foot square baseball diamond.    Teams take turns batting and eventually one team wins.     A simple game to be sure.    It is America’s game.    It is baseball! is about everything baseball with a bias towards one of America’s most beloved baseball teams, the Boston Red Sox.

Baseball History: According to an article on wikipedia, the earliest known reference to baseball is in a British publication from 1744 describing a “base-ball” and a field set up in a similar fashion to the modern layout except in a triangle and with posts instead of bases.    The first known American reference to baseball apppears in a 1781 Pittsfield, Massachusetts town bylaw prohibiting the playing of the game near the town’s new meeting house.   By 1796, a version of the game was known well enough to be mentioned in a German book on popular pasttimes.    By the early 1830′s, bat-and-ball games around North America were called by various names including “town ball”, “round-ball” and “base-ball”.   And, the contest now recognized as the first officially recorded baseball game in U.S. history took place on June 19, 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey.   Over the next half century, the rules of modern baseball continued to evolve.

Diagram of a Baseball Field

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