It seems like the reason the red sox are 1-7 is because of the lack of pitch command in our starting pitching.  Currently our starting 5 resides as this.

  • 1. John Lester
  • 2. John Lackey
  • 3. Clay Buchholz
  • 4. Josh Beckett
  • 5. Daisuke Matsuzaka 

The rotation has changed drastically with new additions and the sudden convidence boost of young gun Clay Buchholz, but New England’s favorite need to step it up a bit. There are two major factors that set this team apart from  the skill set they were last year. The loss of John Farrell to the Blue Jays coupled  with addition of Curt Young, and the new starting catcher Jarrod Saltalamachia. The red sox seem to see something in Salty but time will tell if he belongs in Boston. Also, the rotation, I think, can benefit from the addition of Curt Young. Although we lost a great skipper in John Farrel, Young brings something different to the table. He knows how to individualize his players rather than generalizing the entire pitching staff. He knows how to make pitchers feel comfortable under his comand. This was proved in 2010 with the young Athletics pitching staff, leading the American league with a 2.49 ERA. So I feel that this pitching staff will come around and Curt Young will lead them to over 100 wins. Hang on Red Sox nation a World Series is on its way.

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Some think that Crawford is off to a late start, well I think otherwise. Carl Crawford is a silver slugging, gold glove caliber outfielder that is capable of hitting twenty or more homeruns with an added 40 stolen bases, therefore we expect more of him. He has already produced 2 stolen bases in 8 games and his hitting will come around. Fenway seems like it will do wonders to this iconic left fielder especially with the assistance of you and red sox nation. His hit today provided some support in the 4-9 loss to the yankees but his name will be remembered ,long after he retires, as one of the best to patrol left field in Fenway.

One lineup i’ve projected to have some help to the 1-7 record is this!

  • 1. Carl Crawford
  • 2. Jacoby Ellsbury
  • 3. Dustin Pedroia
  • 4. Adrian Gonzalez
  • 5. Kevin Youkilis
  • 6. David Ortiz
  • 7. JD. Drew
  • 8. Jarrod Saltalamachia
  • 9. Marco Scutaro

The change I’ve made puts a fresh perspective on the small and long ball game for the red sox.

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The baseball guru

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